Consulting Services

High Competition, lot of uncertainty and inherent risks associated with large projects have made the construction business highly challenging. Too many stakeholders and enhanced stakeholder expectations have increased the complexity exponentially. Accordingly, project delays have become the most obvious features of infra projects, which are determinantal for Project Owner, Construction Contractors and other project stakeholders. Contractual disputes between the parties are significant cause of project delays and overshooting of budget.
Therefore, contractual due diligence essential for mitigating commercial risks and for safeguarding organizational interests before entering in legally binding contractual relationships. Furthermore, deep understanding of contractual rights, obligations, risks and liabilities essential for delivering a project within allocated time and cost thereby meeting business/project objectives
We provide valuable advisory services in critical areas of tendering, contracts and procurements. During our professional journey, we significantly contributed to the success of our organization by drafting, reviewing, interpreting and negotiating Conditions of Contracts and managing contractual risks for wide variety of business agreements and construction contracts. Please use our rich experience get the contract conditions drafted or reviewed by us before signing. We could also support you in developing and improving your systems and processes at par with industry standard and best international practices.
In specific, please reach us for the following’s advisory services: