Guest Faculty

Educational Institutes, Industries and Governments are three pillars of economic growth of a nation. In order to realize the dream of double-digit growth on long-term and sustainable basis, such three parts need to work together as a harmonized system. It is a matter of proud that all of them are doing great job with lot of initiatives, innovation and actions of change.
At the same time, still there exists considerable gap between skill level of students in comparison to industry expectation. Accordingly, post hiring, an organization spend consideration amount of time and effort to impart practical training before engaging fresh hires for organizational work. On one side, there is a shortage of skilled manpower and organization struggling to fill the required vacancies, on another side, good percentage of qualified students remains unemployed. Enhanced synergy between education and industry could resolve both such problems simultaneously. All efforts to develop students in line with industry requirements could go a long way in accelerating the growth of the companies and our country.
We are eager to support you in your mission of enhancing skills & competencies of your business students so that they could realize their career aspiration and contribute to the growth of industry & our country Please invite us to impart experience-based training to your students as a visiting faculty / guest lecturer Contracts and SCM function is a critical discipline which exists in most of the industries, whether construction or manufacturing or service. Please use our vast experience and wide exposure to train your students for such high demand disciplines.